Thursday, June 10, 2010

Basement Wagner Poster

First finished Parallel-Play project of Summer 2010. We were given a great opportunity to design posters for a series of Wagner related performances and workshops presented by LA based, public engagement artist MACHINE PROJECT. Machine Project is a non-profit community space in the Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles investigating art, technology, natural history, science, music, literature, and food (more keywords).

The Ring Cycle is a 4 part Opera inspired by Norse Mythology, written by Richard Wagner. Wagner was like the Wes Anderson of his day, not a single arbitrary detail in his work. Every sound, movement, action, set, was planned and considered to the fullest. It's awesome. The Ring Cycle stories are probably what inspired lord of the rings. I won't claim to be a pro when it comes to this type of knowledge, this is just what I learned working on this project. Isn't the shattered sword fucking awesome?

Thursday, January 28, 2010

A picture your brain makes while you are sleeping.

I recently came across the book "Games at the Cedilla; or, The Cedilla Takes Off" by George Brecht. It's a book full of scripts for generating work. As a Graphic Designer I found this process extremely liberating, a little break from the self inflicted over thinking, anal retentive pushing and pulling that works it way down to obsessive nudging and prodding until you want to cry and your eyeballs are bleeding. In this exercise i simply had to sit and think. I asked myself over and over "how can i make a visual record of a dream?" eventually i boiled it down to this definition: A dream is an image your brain makes while you are sleeping. In the spirit of that statement I decided to try and create an image while i was literally asleep.

I decided a photograph was a good way to record an image, as opposed to a printing press or hand drawing which cannot easily be operated in one's sleep.

I decided a pinhole camera would be best, as it has very few moving parts and can be left out to create an exposure for a long stretch of time (ie: while you are asleep). At the time I was sleeping in a car, which meant i could place the camera on the roof, right above my sleeping dreaming head, and in the morning i would be able to take the camera down and go develop the image that was captured in my sleep.

I could have wound up with so many things that made nothing, under exposures or over exposures. What i did get was this, the light of the moon and the stars and the early sun traveling through the trees above my sleeping head.


Friday, January 22, 2010

Our First Blog

this is our first blog entry.
we are jumping in, eyes, ears, nose, mouth wide open.